ACTION ALERT: Santa Monica Blvd Reconstruction Project, Beverly Hills

We need YOUR VOICES to attend or write to committee meeting
Tuesday December 10th in Beverly Hills
regarding Santa Monica Blvd Reconstruction Project.
   Sorry just got notice of this meeting……..

Santa Monica Boulevard as one of the busiest crosstown streets on the Westside at 50,000 average vehicles per day with service by 4 Metro lines. It is also a critical segment of the regional ‘backbone’ bicycle network consistently identified as a primary connector to or through Beverly Hills to the cities of Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Los Angeles and beyond. Many of the fearless warriors on bikes literally take their life in their hands to use this segment on their commutes as it is the shortest and most direct route to so many destinations. MANY MANY more people on bikes could or would have access to this route if it were more inclusive for bikes in its engineering and planning. More people on bikes would ultimately help to reduce car traffic congestion and associated parking challenges serve to benefit everyone. Today’s Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills is engineered for motor vehicles and in complete disrepair making it even more dangerous for people on bicycles.
We have an opportunity to change this and add infrastructure for bikes that would benefit ALL ROAD USERS.
See Better Bike Beverly Hills coordinated and collected data and history to help get you up to speed on this project and this opportunity.

Send your comments to the committee
City of Beverly Hills Project Page
Public input forum link



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