What To Do If You’re Involved In A Crash

Bicycle and Pedestrian Collision Checklist

What you do and say if you are in a collision – including walking or bicycling – could make a huge difference in the compensation you may be able to receive for the damages you have suffered.

  • Call and Wait for the Police to Respond
    (in some cities the police only respond to crashes involving injuries).
  • Collect Driver’s, Passengers’, and Witnesses’ Information.
    (Vehicle’s License; Name, Address, Phone, Email; Drivers License; Insurance; Time and Location, including City, Street, and Approximate Address)
  • File a Police Report. If you have to, go to the Police Station and file it there.
  • Get Prompt Medical Care. Even if you think you are not injured, get checked out. Injuries can show up as long as a week later.
  • Never Admit Fault.
  • Take Photos of the scene of the collision, of damages to all vehicles, and of the motor vehicle and its license plate.
  • Never Talk to Insurance Reps. They are paid to be nice and are not your friend. Their job is to save the insurance company money.
  • Post Nothing on Social Media. It will be found and used against you. Ask friends and family members not to post anything about your crash or injuries.
  • Preserve Evidence and Give Evidence Only to YOUR Lawyer.
    (clothes, bike, bike parts, photos, medical receipts)
  • Contact an EXPERIENCED Bicycle Lawyer ASAP. Check prospective lawyers’ websites to see what results they obtained for others in similar situations.

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