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SANTA MONICA AIRPORT BIKE RIDE: Envision some possibilities

You are invited to a Bike Ride around Santa Monica Airport SMO-bike-draftbeta

Sunday September 15th, 
10am, Clover Park. 
Meet at the southwest corner, next to the Santa Monica Airport fence.

Come for a short 4.5 mile ride around the perimeter of Santa Monica Airport (SMO) in order to see and learn about some of the current issues relating to this facility and hear about potential creative new uses for this property.  There are two short hills. Bring a lock, helmet and picnic if you like.
Ride hosts will make presentations, offer views & options for this space at different stops along the ride.
Michael Brodsky, Professor at Loyola Marymount University
Frank C. Gruber, Attorney and blogger at

Santa Monica Airport is a part of the City of Santa Monica that residents rarely see and use – and even fewer see it by bike – or envision potential cycling connectivity relating to this space.
There is growing interest to learn more about Santa Monica Airport issues in regards to Land Use, air pollution, noise, safety, sustainability, transportation and quality of life.

Some of the concerns and questions put forward include:

  • Nearby residents who feel severely impacted by the airport facility have voiced concerns about air pollution, lead pollution, constant noise and regular plane crashes.
  • Residents who do not live near the airport have questioned the cost of subsidizing the airport as well as the significant environmental costs and lack of sustainability that private jet travel represents.
  • Questions regarding the expense and pollution of running this large 227 acre facility that is used by very few residents. Should so few benefit from this large property that the City owns and maintains?

planes__and_kids soccer_and_planes planes_and_seniors

Back in February of 2012 the City of Santa Monica invited residents to participate in small group discussions to collect input on the future of the Airport with Santa Monica Airport Community Process.
The FAA contract with the City of Santa Monica ends in 2015, there are residents who feel that the contract should not be renewed. They are beginning to explore exciting new possibilities for the land use that could turn this facility into a healthy benefit for the entire city and region.
This idea is not new or radical, as many communities around the country have chosen to do just that and close down polluting airports and convert the large spaces into parks.
Some of those questions could be:

  • Why not here is Santa Monica?
  • What if we expanded Clover Park to a great civic park? This could be a jewel that every one could enjoy!  A park like this could be a huge public benefit to help us create a more livable and healthier vibrant community.
  • What if this park could contain miles of walking paths and protected bike ways? It could be a destination for walking and biking and encourage a whole new generation of riders to learn and enjoy cycling in a safe and healthy environment.  How wonderful if we could connect children to healthy active living and nature!
  •  What if the park included public and community gardens where local produce could be sold on location.
  • Existing hangers and buildings could be repurposed from current aviation only use and instead be leased out to more sustainable uses such as Green Incubators and E Startups as well as artist studios which could be specifically designed to link to future active transportation like biking and walking infrastructure with connectivity to Bergamont Station, the Expo line and neighborhoods currently bifurcated by the property.

Come on this ride to hear and help envision some of the possibilities for the Santa Monica Airport!

Santa Monica Airport Ride / Brodsky

Another related event: October 3rd

This ride precedes another public event scheduled October 3, 2013 where all interested community members are invited to come and design a POTENTIAL FUTURE PARK on the site of the Santa Monica Airport. Everyone is invited to come and contribute their ideas to what this new park could be.

Thursday Oct. 3, 2013
Mt. Olive Church 1343 Ocean Park

Transportation Impact Fee, $134 million for traffic improvements

Update: 2/27 City Council voted unanimously to approve the TIF ordinance. Great job!
Important action: Tuesday February 26 –


On Tuesday February 26, Santa Monica City Council will be considering an Ordinance to establish a Transportation Impact Fee (TIF) that if approved will go into effect this May.

The Transportation Impact Fee on new development will require projects to pay their fair share of transportation network improvements necessary to relieve traffic congestion and support walking, biking and transit use.  The fee would partially fund the $134 million in costs associated with improvements to the walking, bicycle, transit and vehicle system needed to address congestion and transportation safety in Santa Monica. The fee is recommended in the LUCE and was requested by the Council years ago.  It will fund $34 million in bike improvements, $25 million in pedestrian improvements and additional transit, vehicle and transportation demand management projects. It is important to get community support for the TIF as we suspect an organized vocal opposition.

I hope you will join us, and many of the Neighborhood Councils and Organizations in writing to Council to support approving the ordinance. I have included our letter of support.
Send your letters to

We encourage folks to attend and speak at the Council meeting Tuesday evening. It is agenda item 7-E and expected to come up for comment around 7:30pm.

City Hall Council Chambers 2nd Floor
Council Meeting Agenda:
Staff Report – Item 7-E:    Introduction and first reading of an ordinance to establish a Transportation Impact Fee to facilitate developer contributions to transportation network improvements and the achievement of no net new trips in the afternoon peak hour. 


Re: Transportation Impact Fee Agenda Item 7-E
Hearing Date: February 26th, 2013

We support the Transportation Impact Fee on new development that will require projects to pay their fair share of transportation network improvements necessary to relieve traffic congestion and support walking, biking and transit use.

The required nexus study and ordinance before the Council, along with an economic study requested by the business community substantially address concerns about the impact of the fee on development feasibility. We believe the TIF is careful to respect existing land uses, and ONLY charges when a land use is intensified, and gives credit for existing on-site uses when they are demolished.  When businesses change over (retail to restaurant and vice versa – NO TIF WILL BE CHARGED). The study shows that the fee has an insubstantial impact on developer profit.

If we want to create a safe and sustainable city where we are not continually dominated by traffic congestion we must prioritize our environment and its people and support alternate transportation modes in Santa Monica. Neighborhood serving retail will generate demand for walking, biking trips and should pay a fair share of the network and safety improvements. This was studied extensively In response to concerns raised by the Chamber.

As we all know City Hall is tightening budgets and money is getting more scarce. With new transit oriented development, we must invest in transportation diversity to achieve No Net New PM Peak Period Vehicle trips as envisioned in the LUCE. Because the LUCE created a shift to multi-family on the boulevards, exempting multi-family will make it impossible to collect the funds necessary achieve No Net New peak vehicle trips. New development is creating new vehicle trips and should be responsible for safety and traffic mitigating network improvements. It is indeed the developers and their tenants (commercial and residential) that will benefit form these improvements that ultimately make Santa Monica a safer more livable city for everyone. New multi-family projects will depend extensively on pedestrian, bike and transit improvements funded by the TIF. The current market trends show a very strong climate for multi-family housing development, exemptions are not needed to encourage housing production. It is appropriate that the TIF as proposed exempts very low and low income housing units (including required affordable housing units in market rate projects)

The transportation Impact fee is urgently needed – we need increased walking, biking and transit to minimize any new vehicle trips and create a more comfortable city for everyone. Just imagine a city where streets and sidewalks are comfortable and inviting, even for the most vulnerable street users such as seniors and children, and streets that have facilities where bikes can travel safely and in harmony with motorized traffic without the current intolerably high levels of congestion. The fee is especially needed given the arrival of Expo which will increase the number of residents and visitors walking and biking. Our community has made it clear we want a more sustainable city where we can all move safely – whether we choose to walk, bike, take transit or drive to meet our daily needs. We must envision the future where we provide safe and appropriate facilities for all Santa Monicans. New development can contribute a meaningful share of needed improvements. Studies prepared show that the proposed transportation fee has no substantial impact on developer profit. It’s time to adopt this fee to make sure that new development contributes to our future safety and mobility.

Santa Monica remains very desirable to developers and is one of the few jurisdictions in the area without any transportation impact fee for new development – West LA and Culver City are larger, less condensed and less geographically constrained than Santa Monica and don’t have the same challenges. Comparing TIFs in those cities cannot be considered relevant. Even WLA is actively working on updating their fees and anticipate increases and reduced exemptions. The Council requested TIFs to be established over 5 years ago, it’s long overdue. Cities all around us have Transportation Impact Fees and it’s time Santa Monica did too.



Saturday Feb 9th! Find out what’s up – CELEBRATE BIKES

A full day: Food, Fun, Info, Music and Ice Cream?!IMG_0491-SQ
– Bike Action Plan Review and Forecast 2013
– New Project Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway
– Bike Parade to Grand Opening Ocean Park Blvd
Complete Green Street!

We’ve been hard at work coordinating this fun and informative bikey day! There will be lots of information to engage you while you have FUN and ENJOY the day with us. We need your input and support so COME OUT AND PLAY THIS SATURDAY!

Doors open at 11:00 with coffee and cinnamon rolls and lively discussion on our Bike Action Plan & exciting new projects.
At 12:00pm the pizza arrives and we get a very special presentation on our next big proposed project “The Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway”
At 1:30 we hop on our bikes for a bike parade over to the Grand Opening Party for the Ocean Park Blvd Complete Green Street at 2:00pm


Colorado Community Room,
502 Colorado,
Bike parking in the patio



11:00am      Doors open with coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls

Lets go for Platinum!

Lets go for Platinum!

11:15am       We are excited to once again have Lucy Dyke and City staff give us a review of the wonderful new bike projects and lanes stripped in 2012 and feedback and input from us as we look forward to what you want to see prioritized in 2013!
We have invited Santa Monica’s newest SMPD Bike liaison to be with us to participate and be available for discussions.
12:00pm      Pizza!
12:15pm      Settle in to hear about our exciting Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway! Jason Kligier will give us an over view on the ideas and potentials of AWESOME project and how we can help make it happen!
1:15pm        WE JUMP ON BIKES AND ROLL OUT AT 1:30pm. It’s time for the bike parade to the Grand Opening of the Ocean Park Blvd Complete Green Street, and beautiful GREEN BIKE LANES!.
2:00pm       We arrive at the Ocean Park Blvd Complete Green Street Grand Opening where we will celebrate and be treated to live jazz music and ice cream from the Peddlers Creamery. Ocean Park Blvd between 5th & 6th (in front of SMASH/John Muir Schools)

Free Bike Valet provided by the City of Santa Monica.



Let’s Talk Santa Monica, Nov 10, 12 & 15th

PLEASE consider attending one (or more) of these sessions with City Staff and Santa Monica’s City Manager Rod Gould. It is a unique and up close opportunity to give input for bikes and the Bike Action Plan (BAP) directly. The City needs to hear from you what the positives are for the infrastructure that has gone in so far and what we need to see in the future. For instance, new buffered bike lanes, Sharrows, bike corrals and racks.  This is especially important as some have been “loudly vocal” in opposition of new bike lanes even though we have received near 100% positive feedback from cyclists and others in the community. We need you to share your positive feedback with the City directly!
Please share this far and wide – We look forward to seeing you soon!
Cynthia Rose
Santa Monica Spoke

Santa Monica Talks

Let’s talk about what’s happening in Santa Monica. Join us to meet City staff, make connections, learn about City services and finances, see what’s happening in your neighborhood and citywide, share your thoughts, and ask questions.

The same information will be provided at each meeting. Please attend the session that is most convenient for you. Drop in or stay for the entire time. Staff will be available during the first and last 45 minutes of each session for informal conversations. Rod Gould, City Manager, will talk about the City’s fiscal health, ongoing services, upcoming projects, and answer your questions. These conversations will inform the development of the City’s fiscal year 13-15 budget. Neighborhood association representatives will also be present.

Childcare, bike valets, and BBB vouchers will be available. A light dinner will be provided at the two evening meetings. RSVPs will help us meet child care needs and order food accordingly. Hope to see you at one of the upcoming meetings!

All locations are wheelchair accessible. For additional disability-related accommodations please call (310) 458-8301.

Stop by to connect with City staff, share your thoughts, see what’s happening in your neighborhood and citywide, and learn about City services and finances.


Saturday, November 10, 
10:00 am – 12:30 pm
City Manager’s presentation, 10:45am
Franklin Elementary School, 2400 Montana Avenue

Monday, November 12,
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
City Manager’s presentation, 7:15 pm
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium,
East Wing, 1855 Main Street

Thursday, November 15,
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm,
*simultaneous Spanish translation
City Manager’s presentation – 7:15 pm
The Writers Boot Camp, Bldg. I,
2525 Michigan Avenue


Participants can meet one-on-one with staff to discuss specific issues related to public safety, transportation, parking, planning, housing, human services, community spaces and programs, technology, sustainability, and “Be Excited! Be Prepared” capital improvement projects. Following the one-on-one dialogues City Manager Rod Gould will give a presentation about City services, finances, and projects and answer questions from the audience. After the presentation, City staff will again be available again to meet one-on-one with residents.

Comment forms and meeting materials are available online at:
Although the meetings are free and open to all, please RSVP online at

If you cannot attend but would like to give feedback on BAP, bike lanes etc. please email to –
This address sends copies of your email to us and forwards a copy directly to the City.

Performance Better Bicycling Community’ Grants Winner …….. Santa Monica Spoke

 For Immediate Release

alliance logo





Performance Bicycle® Announces its
‘Better Bicycling Community’ Grants Winners

Nation’s Largest Independent Cycling Retailer Awards
10 Local Communities With $3,000 Grants

CHAPEL HILL, NC – (Aug. 1, 2012) – In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, Performance Bicycle has awarded $30,000 in Better Bicycling Community Grants. Ten advocacy organizations around the country received $3,000 to support local efforts to boost the accessibility of bicycling in communities where there are Performance stores. The grants are administered in collaboration with the Alliance for Biking & Walking.

“It was a tough decision to narrow it down to 10 recipients,” said Performance Bicycle Chief Executive Officer David Pruitt. “We want to thank all the terrific organizations dedicated to making cycling more accessible. Each one is a vital part of their community and we appreciate their hard work and commitment.”

The ten organizations that will receive a Better Bicycling Community grant are spread across the country. Each will involve the community and will work with their local Performance store to achieve their grant goals. . The funded campaigns are as follows:

Bike Austin (Austin, Texas): North MoPac Bike Highway Commuter Route Campaign

Bike Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland): Bicycle Friendly Maryland Campaign

Bike Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah): CiSLClovia – Open Streets Initiative

Carrboro Bicycle Coalition (Chapel Hill, North Carolina): Chapel Hill – Carrboro Open Streets Initiative

Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation (Seattle, Washington): Advocacy Leadership Institute

Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization (Westerville, Ohio): Rejuvenation of Alum Creek Phase 1 Campaign

Community Bikes (Charlottesville, Virginia): Charlottesville Open Streets Initiative

East Bay Bicycle Coalition (Oakland, California): Yes on Measure B Campaign

Living Streets Alliance (Tucson, Arizona): Kidical Mass Tucson 2013 Campaign

Santa Monica Spoke (Santa Monica, California): Community Outreach for Better Biking in Santa Monica

To read more on all the wonderful projects see the full Press Release – HERE

Thank you Performance Bicycle and the Alliance for Biking & Walking. We are very excited to have been selected for this grant that will support our community. These funds will support our outreach and implementation efforts for Santa Monica’s Bicycle Action Plan projects, specifically The Michigan Avenue Greenway and Broadway Bicycle Boulevard.


About Performance Bicycle®:
Performance Bicycle® is the No. 1 specialty bicycle retailer in the U.S. and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Performance Inc. Performance provides a multi-channel cycling retail experience that spans more than 100 stores nationwide, and, all catering to both the avid cycling enthusiast and the recreational rider. Performance Inc. is majority owned by North Castle Partners of Greenwich, Conn.

About the Alliance for Biking & Walking:
The Alliance for Biking & Walking is the coalition of more than 200 state and local bicycle and pedestrian organizations working together to promote bicycling and walking in North American communities. To learn more about the Alliance, visit