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NYC Bike Share meets Breeze in Santa Monica

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Bike commuter turned bike tourist Jeffrey Tanenhaus has ridden a NYC bike share bike across the US and will end his cross country tour in Santa Monica, this Saturday January 23rd, 3:00pm at the Santa Monica Pier.

We are planning to welcome Jeffrey to the West Coast with a ride along the last leg of his journey with City of Santa Monica’s own Breeze Bike Share, presented by Hulu. Together we will ride with Jeffrey from Colorado Center Park to the Santa Monica Pier. There we will celebrate the end his journey with a finish line ribbon cutting (3:00pm) at the iconic end of Route 66 atop of the Santa Monica Pier followed by a Handlebar Happy Hour at Ristorante al Mare.

Though none would argue a public bike share bike is inteneded or would be most people’s choice for a long-distance bike ride, Jeffrey decided to ride the bike that had given him so much joy commuting from his home to work and for his daily errands in New York City – promoting the versatility and benefits of healthy, active transportation and contributing to a less congested healthier city.

We will meet at Colorado Center Park, 26th & Broadway at 2:30 and ride together on the last leg of Jeffrey Tanenhaus Countri Bike tour to the end of Route 66 at the top of the Santa Monica Pier. There we will celebrate with a Checker Board / Finish Line Ribbon Cutting!

Followed by Handlebar Happy Hour at:
–     Ristorante al Mare
–     250 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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#RideBreeze or your own steed – All are welcome!

Happy Day of Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful day of thanks.
Many many thanks for friends, family and bikes!

Enjoy your day – enjoy a ride – see you all soon!

turkey-bike from Backalleybikes
Image Back Alley Bikes 2012, courtesy of

What can motorist commit to give TODAY and EVERYDAY?
Commit to GIVE 3FT (or more) for Safety as you pass people on bikes! WE’LL THANK YOU! 


Questions on the 3 foot Law, FAQ here

Happy Day of Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s to wishing you all a wonderful day of thanks.
Many many thanks for friends, family and bikes!

Enjoy your day – enjoy a ride – see you all soon

turkey-bike from Backalleybikes
image Back Alley Bikes 2012

What can motorist commit to give today and everyday? Commit to GIVE ME 3 or more feet as you pass bikes!


Saturday Feb 9th! Find out what’s up – CELEBRATE BIKES

A full day: Food, Fun, Info, Music and Ice Cream?!IMG_0491-SQ
– Bike Action Plan Review and Forecast 2013
– New Project Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway
– Bike Parade to Grand Opening Ocean Park Blvd
Complete Green Street!

We’ve been hard at work coordinating this fun and informative bikey day! There will be lots of information to engage you while you have FUN and ENJOY the day with us. We need your input and support so COME OUT AND PLAY THIS SATURDAY!

Doors open at 11:00 with coffee and cinnamon rolls and lively discussion on our Bike Action Plan & exciting new projects.
At 12:00pm the pizza arrives and we get a very special presentation on our next big proposed project “The Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway”
At 1:30 we hop on our bikes for a bike parade over to the Grand Opening Party for the Ocean Park Blvd Complete Green Street at 2:00pm


Colorado Community Room,
502 Colorado,
Bike parking in the patio



11:00am      Doors open with coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls

Lets go for Platinum!

Lets go for Platinum!

11:15am       We are excited to once again have Lucy Dyke and City staff give us a review of the wonderful new bike projects and lanes stripped in 2012 and feedback and input from us as we look forward to what you want to see prioritized in 2013!
We have invited Santa Monica’s newest SMPD Bike liaison to be with us to participate and be available for discussions.
12:00pm      Pizza!
12:15pm      Settle in to hear about our exciting Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway! Jason Kligier will give us an over view on the ideas and potentials of AWESOME project and how we can help make it happen!
1:15pm        WE JUMP ON BIKES AND ROLL OUT AT 1:30pm. It’s time for the bike parade to the Grand Opening of the Ocean Park Blvd Complete Green Street, and beautiful GREEN BIKE LANES!.
2:00pm       We arrive at the Ocean Park Blvd Complete Green Street Grand Opening where we will celebrate and be treated to live jazz music and ice cream from the Peddlers Creamery. Ocean Park Blvd between 5th & 6th (in front of SMASH/John Muir Schools)

Free Bike Valet provided by the City of Santa Monica.




Just a little fun for the day!
This infographic looks at the amount of energy an average cyclist, an athletic cyclist and a professional cyclist can generate and what appliances and gadgets in our homes they can power.

Image source: MoneySupermarket