Important City Council Meeting,
Tuesday 6pm 2/8/2011

Just got the news on this important budget meeting scheduled for this Tuesday night at City Hall.

Item 8B on the agenda deals with budget priorities over the next 2 years.  This is a huge opportunity to make sure that we get money for bicycle projects, particularly infrastructure because it is the easiest to fund.  Needless to say any and all money committed to bicycling is good.

We cannot wait for the Bike Action Plan, by then it’s too late.  We need to make sure that bike issues are listed as a priority in these budget decisions.  We want to rally the troops for this meeting.  We need numbers and community members who can attend and hopefully are willing to speak on this issue at the meeting, making the argument for immediate and lasting investments in bicycling.  The Staff Report on this agenda item notes that bikes have been big in all the recent public meetings and are an important issue to focus on.  Let’s make sure that we keep the momentum going at this important budget meeting.

This is a huge meeting.

Richard McKinnon reminds us that we passed Measure Y in November.  Half of the tax raised is for public safety issues.  Could there be a bigger issue than road safety for pedestrians and bikes as part of our move to alternate transportation?  How about protecting children and mothers on bikes, and all cyclists in our city!

We encourage people to attend and speak.  If you would like any assistance please ask any of us from Spoke that will be in attendance at the meeting.

Please share this information with your friends.

When: Tuesday, February 8th 6:00 pm
Where: Santa Monica City Hall, Council Chambers (2nd Floor)
1685 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 393-9975 ‎

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