VOTE: YES on LC (Local Control), NO on Measure D (Deception)

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Santa Monica Spoke has been a supporter of the grass root community momentum that led to Measure LC  from the very beginning when the Airport2Park community group was formed to bring attention to this important community issue. One of the first public events was a bike tour of the area around the Santa Monica Airport to envision the possibilities of what that area could or should be.
Here is some of what you might want to know about these important measures and the money being spent by outside aviation interests on Measure D. We endorse a YES vote on LC and NO vote on D
– visit It’ to learn more about Measure LC and to donate and volunteer to the campaign. More links at the end of this post.

VOTE: YES on measure LC

Measure LC for “Local Control” has received overwhelming community support:

Airport2Park, Ballona Institute, Community Against Santa Monica Airport Traffic (CASMAT), Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution (CRAAP), Friends of Sunset Park Board of Directors, Green Party of Los Angeles County, League of Women Voters of Santa Monica – Read full opinion here , North of Montana Association Board, Northeast Neighbors Board, Mar vista Community Council, No Jets Santa Monica Airport, Ocean Park Association, Pico Neighborhood Association, Residocracy Advisory Board, Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City, Santa Monica-Malibu Council of PTAs, Santa Monica Democratic Club, Santa Monica Next – Read full opinion here, Santa Monicans for Renters Rights (SMRR), Santa Monica Spoke, Sierra Club - Read full opinion here (PDF), Sunset Park Anti-Airport, Venice Environmental Alliance, Wilshire Montana Neighborhood Coalition
  • Measure LC was written at the request of residents, 99% of the funding is from small donations almost entirely from within the local community of Santa Monica.
  • Measure LC will keep Santa Monica residents in Control of Airport Land. It allows us to manage the airport for the health and safety of our community and not special interests.
  • Measure LC will allow us to retain the ability to end dangerous lead fuel and toxic jet fuel sales as well as reduce the 50 million pounds of annual green house gasses that Santa Monica Airport currently produces.
  • Measure LC will allow us to reduce the runway length and create a “runway safety area” that currently does not exist. Shortening the runway will reduce the number of large private/corporate jets that fly into the airport (like the one that crashed and killed 4 people last year).
  • Measure LC stipulates that if the airport is ever closed, that NO development is allowed without (true) voter approval. 
  • Measure LC mandates that the land could only be used for parks, educational, recreational or open space for everyone rather than for special interests. Imagine this land being made available in the future to walkers, bikers and to all regardless of income, age or ability.
  • Measure LC is a major investment in the future of a more sustainable Santa Monica.

VOTE: NO on measure D

  • Measure D is supported by the special interest aviation lobby who have contributed $500,000 so far. 99% of which has come from the aviation industry and supporters outside of Santa Monica.
  • Measure D portends to allow residents a right vote on the Santa Monica Airport keeping the airport open or closed but it does so under a questionable use of language about what constitutes “voter approval” – an impossible, never before reached threshold written as - majority of “voters”,  not majority of votes.
  • Measure D stipulates, very disturbingly, that unless the airport is closed, that the city, “shall not impose additional restrictions on providers of aviation support services to tenants and airport users that inhibit the sale of fuel or the full use of aviation facilities.” This means that the City can not manage or reduce the toxic fuel sales, toxic emissions, noise, limit jets, increase sustainability and create runway safety areas or do anything that the aviation industry feels is a “restriction” This is the real reason that the aviation industry is spending hurndreds of thousands of dollars for measure D.
  • Measure D is being promoted as a means to limit development in the city but contains absolutely nothing about development in the measure.
  • Measure D was written by the aviation lobby serve the special interests and not the needs of our city or the local community.

Statement: Santa Monica Spoke, local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition is dedicated to improving the environment for walking and biking in the City of Santa Monica. We are a community based group working to make Santa Monica more sustainable, and a better place to live, walk, bike, work and play. We endorse a YES vote on LC and a NO vote on D.

Also useful are the very active and informative Facebook pages: –  SMO Future - Santa Monica Airport Sanity Project - No Jets Santa Monica Airport - Airport2Park On the web - It’s Our Land! – See the Organizations behind “I’s Our Land”- SMO Future  - Airport 2 Park 

Measure LC Guarantees No New Development

The above text is copied directly from the text of Measure LC. It clearly states that “if all or part of the Airport land is permanently closed to aviation use, no new development of that land shall be allowed” without additional voter approval.

The only exception would be the development of “parks, public open spaces, and public recreational facilities.”  What a great deal this is! 1077345_1450564238501745_4706531734728790261_o

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