Triple Bike Rack Legislation – we need your support

A February Action Alert push to get legislation introduced in Sacramento to make it possible for transit agencies across the state to install triple bike racks on buses of all sizes. Unfortunately legislation was not introduced, but we are not giving up hope. LACBC is working with the Transit Coalition to draw attention to how important this issue is to people who bicycle and use transit in Los Angeles County.

We need your help! Please email Assemblymembers Bonnie Lowenthal and Bob Blumenfield with this simple form. They both represent communities is LA County and are on the Assembly Transportation Committee. Take a moment to contact them today and let’s increase bike capacity on our buses!

Background: Bike racks on buses are filling up, but current state law prohibits objects that extend too far from the front of a bus. Although several bus agencies already have triple bike racks, these are technically in violation of the law. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and the California Highway Patrol have come up with a legislative solution that would maintain safety while allowing triple bike racks on buses. Now is the time our elected representatives need to step up and introduce Metro’s bill so that stakeholders can discuss it and enable it to get passed.

2 thoughts on “Triple Bike Rack Legislation – we need your support

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  2. Patrick McClure

    To Whom It May Concern: if you submit the form requesting third bikes on buses to the two assembly persons, in both cases they say that you should use their websites’ comment facilities instead. The likelihood that they will see our individual emails is remote, unfortunately.


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