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Measure GSH is a half-cent sales tax measure – funded largely by tourists – that will provide new revenues to the City of Santa Monica. Measure GS says those new funds should be used for our local public schools and affordable housing programs – two pillars of our community that are woefully under-funded. New funds will be locally controlled and cannot be taken away by the State. Endorsements and more HERE

  • YES on V

For 87 years Santa Monica College has been the premier Community College in California. SMC is number one in transfers to the University of California and provides over 100 affordable fields of study and job-training programs.
50% of Santa Monica High School students attend SMC. SMC serves 1,000 veterans each year.
As technology changes the workplace and the cost of higher education soars, access to a high quality Community College education with safe, modern, and efficient facilities adaptable to changes in technology is more important than ever.
Measure V allows SMC to better meet the needs of our community by completing the 2010 Master Plan:


  •  YES on Measure M

    The measure will provide approximately $120 billion over 40 years for transportation projects. Of that money, over $4 billion is set aside for walking and biking. Measure M will give Los Angeles County its first sustained source of funding for walking and biking projects.
    #MakeLACounty more walk and bikeable, livable and connected! More HERE

  • YES on A

    Raises much needed money for parks and public open spaces. Not only will it help improve the quality of life for park-poor parts of our region like South L.A., Koreatown, and East L.A., but will also supplement our resources to increase access to open space in the park-poor parts of Santa Monica. Endorsements and more HERE

  • YES on HHH

Prop HHH is a common-sense, cost-effective approach to solving the problems of growing homelessness, increasing encampments, and at-risk populations of homeless women and children, seniors and veterans. Endorsements and more HERE


  • YES on 67 (NO on 65)

Proposition 67 is a statewide measure to uphold the ban on single-use plastic bags. This measure is an important step towards sustainability, less waste and protecting the environment. Endorsements and more HERE