Free Scooter Skills Event with Lyft

FREE EVENT: All are welcome!

Join us for a day at the beach to learn more about Lyft Scooters and shared micro-mobility transportation options. Santa Monica Spoke’s certified instructors join the Lyft education and outreach team to be on hand to help boost your skills at this fun and free event!

Interested in learning more about scooters and road safety?
Join Lyft and Santa Monica Spoke at the Santa Monica Bike Campus Sunday August 11th for the first in a series of scooter safety events.

Find out more about scooters and shared micro-mobility options. Learn the rules of the road, your rights and responsibilities, and new safety skills and techniques in a safe off road environment.

*Scooters are allowed on the campus for this event only. The beach is a e-scooter NO RIDE ZONE.  

We’ll also be giving out helmets & refreshments for riders!

2 thoughts on “Free Scooter Skills Event with Lyft

  1. Z Milo

    Unless these classes stress the rules of the road (like say stopping at every stop sign) and also make participants bring their mother and or grandmother to teach them how to clean up after themselves (put scooter’s and bicycles away properly out of the way) it’s all just bullshit.

    1. Cynthia Rose Post author

      We definitely teach rules of the road and proper parking in addition to safety techniques for riding. That is the entire point of this outreach and training.


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