A Year Later: Countri Bike meets Breeze Bike Share, Finish Line Celebration

A year ago we welcomed Jeffrey Tanenhaus and
Countri Bike to Santa Monica

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…. as he completed his Cross “Countri” epic journey from New York to Santa Monica on a Citi-Bike. Although he paid all the fees and did try to return Countri Bike back to the Citi-Bike Eco-System – ultimately he did end up with the bike.  We’ve kept in touch and got this update from Jeffrey to share with you.

One Year Later: An Update from Countri Bike

What a happy anniversary! After Breeze Bike Share generous shipped Countri Bike east, the trip took a new turn when I rode on stage The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Unfortunately my segment never aired because they overbooked.

With no job or fixed address, I bounced around NYC staying with friends. Countri Bike would’t fit in my storage unit, so a friend kept it in her apartment. Even though I had paid the max overtime fee, I was prepared to re-dock, but Citi Bike corporate never reached out.

However, their mechanics invited me to their maintenance shop to conduct a postmortem, so to speak. The bike’s solid condition amazed them and proved their hypotheses wrong about what made Citi Bikes break down so often. (Rough pavement and rough-riding New Yorkers are largely to blame, not the equipment itself.)

In August, I emptied my storage unit and moved to Tulsa, which was one of my favorite stops despite getting assaulted while biking in Oklahoma. I chose Tulsa for its wonderful (and surprisingly progressive) people, affordable cost of living, and start-up friendly environment. My dream is to create a hyper-local, bike-friendly hospitality concept that blends the best of a hostel with a hotel.

While I’ve made progress fitting into my new home, I’m deciding whether to stay or relocate to make these dreams come true. As for Countri Bike, it’s on exhibit at the Tulsa Historical Society.

I’m also shopping around a book proposal that not only recounts adventures from the road, but also explains the insecurity and failures I faced in New York leading to my departure. I am almost done chronicling my trip, which can be viewed at countribike.com/blog. I think riding through Joshua Tree is one of my best posts.

Being in a landlocked state makes me miss the ocean, so I hope to visit Santa Monica soon. There are direct flights twice a week, but I could always inflate the old tires and meet you on the Pier in three months.

Jeffrey Tanenhaus

We miss you Jeffrey and hope to see you soon!! Looking back over the pictures reminds us of what a great day we had, meeting you, the ride, the finish line ribbon at the top of the Pier, your trek across the sand to the Pacific Ocean and then a fun social Handlebar Happy Hour at Al Mare. So many wonderful memories!!
Below are just a few more images and a fun video from Jeffrey’s arrival in Santa Monica. Check our the full album and all the fun here  and our contributor gallery here

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