Progressive Youth Bike Tour lands in Santa Monica: Monday, Nov 14th

Meet at Perry’s at 3 pm at 2400 Ocean Front Walk at the end of Hollister.

These young people have ridden their bikes across the country campaigning for an inclusive, progressive America and will arrive in SM Monday afternoon:

Needless to say they’re blue about the election results, so we invite you to help honor their commitment to both progressive politics and cycling with a welcome to help lift their spirits.

Their plan is to arrive in Santa Monica to “dip their tires in the ocean” around 3:30 Monday, We’re hoping to get some folks out to greet them and maybe put up a finish line of sorts.

A few of our local champions Richard Chacker and City Councimember Ted Winterer have invited the group to assemble at Perry’s — at the end of Hollister — We’ll gather at Perry’s with the comfort of seating and refreshments to welcome the group and to celebrate their journey.


This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

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