Tell NHTSA to test new cars for bicyclist safety

Bike League Action

NHTSA recently announced an update to its 5-Star Safety Rating for new cars. This is a key means by which the federal government promotes consumer awareness of safety technologies. According to the proposed update, the 5-Star Safety Rating will for the first time include an assessment of crash avoidance technologies and pedestrian protection. While this is a great step forward for promoting the safety of people outside of cars it is not clear how or whether the safety of bicyclists will be included in these assessments.

The League of American Bicyclists has submitted comments asking NHTSA to:

  • Consider the completeness of crash avoidance technologies and whether they are effective at avoiding crashes with all road users when assigning a crash avoidance rating;
  • Include all non-occupants, including bicyclists, in the pedestrian protection rating; and
  • Develop appropriate tests and procedures if the lack of appropriate testing and procedures means that bicyclist crash avoidance and protection cannot be included in the 5-Star Rating System at this time.

Join us and endorse the League’s comments calling for an assessment that includes the safety of all people, including bicyclists, or submit your own comments to ensure that bicyclists are considered when crash avoidance and other new vehicle technologies are assessed by Clicking Here. This comment period will end on February 16th.

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