Bike Week LA: Wednesday, May 13th

Ballona Creek Camp Coffee – Special Bike Week Edition – BYO coffee & share breakfast outdoors!   7am Coffee Outside

Camp coffee gatherings add adventure to everyday routines! For us it’s #BallonaCreekCampCoffee!

The best part of waking up… Is #‎coffeeoutside in your cup! Join us for #‎ballonacreekcampcoffee Special Bike Week Edition on the jetty off of Poseur Bridge in between MDR and Playa. Here’s location and our route. We will be cooking breakfast food to share too! Join the Fun. Questions?

Bring the stuff to BYO “brew you own” or just bring a full cup of your morning beverage with you 🙂 Search Instagram for lots of photos,  #‎ballonacreekcampcoffee. If you’re on the east side look up with #‎larivercampcoffee!

Santa Monica City Ride: MANGo, Bike Lanes and More!

City Hall Green Lanes
Two years ago we were celebrating the announcement of our Bike Friendly Community Silver Award from the League of American Bicyclists,  Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC).
Now on a quest for GOLD, join us on a City Ride of some of our newest bike lanes and infrastructure and MANGo. Give input, ask questions hear about what’s up next –

The ride begins in front of Santa Monica City, 1685 Main Street at 4:45pm – ROLL 5:00pm
We end our tour at Vidiots, for a free movie screening.

Join us and our partners Santa Monica Next for a screening of Dogtown and Z-Boys the 2001 award-winning documentary that takes a look back at the Santa Monica and Venice of the 1970s where skateboarding was invented. There will be snacks and drinks. Maybe a HBHH after the movie for more socializing and discussion on Santa Monica of the 70’s.

You are also welcome to join us at 6:30 just for the Movie, see that event here.

Join the National Bike Challenge: Ride for team BIKE SANTA MONICA

Bike Week, Bike Month & Bike Local SM Specials

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