Your support is NEEDED to get to National Bike Summit 2015

Help send our Director to the Summit!

We need your support to send our Director Cynthia Rose to National Bike Summit and the 3rd National Forum on Women & Bicycling 2015!
This year’s theme – Bikes+ calls out a time to change the equation for bicycle advocacy. Build a bicycle-friendly America for everyone, expand to serve broader interests. Last year, we pushed for Congress to tell the U.S. Department of Transportation to set a national goal to reduce bicyclist fatalities. Before the end of 2014, they did exactly that. We won, thanks to hundreds of participants at the National Bike Summit. Continuing this momentum US Transportation Secretary Anthony Fox has challenged mayors and local elected officials to take significant action to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians of all ages.  The Mayors’ Summit for Safer People, Safer Streets will be in DC at the same time as  the National Bike Summit, Santa Monica’s Mayor McKeown will attend. See more on this in an article on StreetsBlog USA here.

Santa Monica Spoke is led by 100% volunteers, including our full time Director Cynthia Rose. The Summit is the premier national bike conference, gathering advocates from around the country to lobby for bikes on Capitol Hill. We are requesting donations to cover costs to send Cynthia to the Summit 2015.

Our goal is to raise $1500.00 to cover the Women’s Forum, National Bike Summit, and travel expenses. PLEASE PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT Click HERE
or email your 
pledge amount to  we will reply to complete the pledge. Donations are tax deductible. 

The voice for cycling is growing stronger on Capitol Hill, and with your support, our director can share lessons learned and gain experience in professional advocacy from top experts from all 50 states and bring it home to Santa Monica & LA County.

National Bike Summit 2015: Bikes +

They didn’t choose this year’s theme – Bikes+ — lightly. We agree it’s time to change the equation for bicycle advocacy. To build a bicycle-friendly America for everyone, we can’t stop at bicycling as an end in itself. We must consider how bikes can add value to other movements and how our movement can expand to serve broader interests. The 2015 National Bike Summit will again unite the voices of bicyclists on Capitol Hill to advance bicycle safety, funding and equity. More than 700 participants from all 50 states will build momentum in Congress for a Bicycle Friendly America

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