2014 Advocate of the Year finalist Cynthia Rose

2014 Advocacy Awards Nominees: Advocate of the Year

Oscars_captioned_image_-_600_wideMany nominations are received for the Advocacy Awards. This year over 80 people were nominated for Advocate of the Year. We are very proud our Director Cynthia Rose is among the 10 finalists for Advocate of the Year 2014! We invite you to visit the Alliance website to view the full list of Advocacy Award nominees this year. When you read the accomplishments of these dedicated individuals it is no wonder we are seeing the momentum for walking and biking building in the US. The Alliance Advocacy Awards are held in conjunction with the League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Summit. The 2014 Advocacy Awards ceremony, presented by Bicycling Magazine, will be held on the evening of Monday, March 3, 2014 at RFD in Washington DC.

Hokie as it may sound, it is such an honor to be nominated and in the company of such incredible finalists. Though I don’t know them all I am privileged to have worked with several of them. I am especially honored to share this list with my friend and colleague on the California Bike Coalition Board of Directors, Samantha Ollinger. She is founder and Executive Director of Bike San Diego. Sam “blamed” me for inspiring her into her current role – I say Sam is a brilliant example of getting the job done, with class and efficiency. SHE is indeed an inspiration!  And not to be left out – I could not do what I have done without the years of commitment and dedication of the Santa Monica Spoke Steering Committee, the talented and engaged City staff and our community – YOU ALL are helping set the climate of the future – Thank you!!
With incredible advocates and national organizations like the Alliance for Biking and Walking and the League of American Bicyclists – WITH YOUR SUPPORT WE WILL ALL INDEED BE WINNERS!
Cynthia Rose

Advocate of the Year
This award goes to an individual leader of a bicycling and/or walking advocacy organization who has shown tireless commitment to promoting bicycling and walking in his/her state/community. This person goes above and beyond the call of duty to transform his/her state/community into a great place for biking and walking. His or her time, knowledge, creativity, and commitment are the highest standard of excellence exemplifying a role model for peers.

Santa Monica Spoke is led by 100% volunteers, including our full time Director Cynthia Rose.
We depend on donations and support to keep our advocacy going here in Santa Monica and the region. We are raising funds to cover costs to send Cynthia to the National Bike Summit 2014. The Summit also includes the second annual National Women’s Bicycling Forum, a showcase of great ways to get more women on bikes.
Our goal is to raise $1500.00 to cover costs of the Summit in Washington DC and lobby for change at the National Level! Find out how to donate and pledge your support here

Cynthia Rose, Santa Monica Spoke


Photo: Streetsblog LA

As Director of Santa Monica Spoke, Cynthia has worked tirelessly to make Santa Monica a better place to bike, walk, and live – all in an upaid volunteer capacity. As a founder, she has built SM Spoke into a highly respected voice for change via numerous local and regional alliances. The organization has become a key partner for the city, credited with playing a key role in the creation of the city’s Bicycle Action Plan. Cynthia has also been at the forefront of forming the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s Local Chapter Program, of which SMSpoke is the inaugural chapter. The Local Chapter Program is key in reaching all 88 municipalities in vast Los Angeles County.

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