CICLAVIA – HEART OF LA – Feeder Ride from Santa Monica Pier

CicLAvia – Heart of LA is this Sunday 10/6/2013!

Whether you ride down with us or get there on your own – don’t miss it!
CicLAvia – Heart of LA celebrates the streets of Los Angeles for everyone! Temporarily limiting the access of motor vehicles and opening the streets to all users – walking, wheelchairs, skates, bikes, scooters, skate boards, strollers – you name it!

Come experience the classic route, CicLAvia’s Heart of LA

We once again lead a feeder ride to CicLAvia this Sunday October 6th. We meet at the top of the Santa Monica Pier at 8:00am and roll out at 8:30am sharp. Ride is aprox. 15 miles, mostly flat on streets with bike lanes or low traffic volume at our time of travel. See return options on mass transit below. Facebook event here. We will be traveling at an easy pace but do ask you to “stay with the pace” so we can all get there together. Join us Sunday and experience the fun of CicLAvia!

Start           Santa Monica Pier, at the Canon
Meet           8:00am   

Roll out      8:30am (sharp)
Route         Here  includes elevation and cue sheet 
Join us anywhere on the route but be early as we will only stop to regroup. No riders left behind.


Info on light rail & bus routes to or from CicLAvia

Big Blue Bus Rapid 10 takes the frwy downtown LA to Santa Monica FAST!
Metro 720 route DT Santa Monica south, Venice Blvd to downtown & Union Station
Light Rail: Connect to the Expo Line Culver City Station (timetable) then 
Big Blue Bus Rapid 20 to DT SM, Rapid 12 (to Westwood) or Route 12 (Westwood and Palms)
Bike Venice Blvd Bike lane west.  

Metro 733 route to Santa Monica on Wilshire Blvd from downtown LA

Stuff to bring:

  • helmut (for feeder ride or children under 18)
  • sun screen
  • cash
  • spare tube/ patch kit
  • hydration
  • any special tools your bike requires!

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