Thursday, June 13th: Global cyclist comes to town

Traveling at the Speed of Life: Author Presentation

The tragedy on September 11, 2001 killed many and hurt many more. Author and Speaker, David Sylvester, tried to make sense of that senseless moment by jumping on his bicycle and connecting with people. Ten years, 33 states and 21 countries later David has evolved from being just a guy with a dead friend into a cross-continental bicyclist/motivator/filmmaker//author that’s adopted a life mission to meet, hug, high5, motivate and inspire as many people around the planet as he can. His message to the people he met across hundreds of miles and three continents was simple: “Find your bike.” It translates to finding your passion and now, ten years later, after pedaling across deserts, down dirt roads and highways, and over the mountains of Africa, Asia, and North America, David spreads his inspirational message on the pages of this book. Whether relaying stories of tragedy or triumph David writes with a degree of honesty, humor and passion that will make you want to ‘find your own bike’ and go for a ride. Please join us to hear inspirational stories from his book,  Traveling at the Speed of Life

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