The LACBC Planning Committee has invited three of the region’s most prominent experts to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of bicycle plans, bicycle policy, and bicycle facility design. They will share their insights on how bike planning processes really work and pinpoint the key areas where advocates can push to make the most difference.

When: Thursday, March 21; 7 PMBike Friendly Places flyer LACBC
Where: LACBC Headquarters, The Edison Room (1st Floor) –
634 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, 90014

Admission: $10 General Public / FREE for LACBC/Local Chapter Members (you can select Santa Monica Spoke from the drop down menu)

About the Panelists: (who are now or have worked for us here in Santa Monica doing great things)

Matt Benjamin leads the Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning practice for Fehr & Peers in Southern California.  Matt has approached active transportation from the public, non-profit and private sector perspectives, having worked as LACMTA’s Bicycle Parking Coordinator, served as LACBC’s Planning and Policy Director, and managed the Los Angeles office of Alta Planning + Design.

Brett Hondorp is a Principal at Alta Planning + Designand Alta Bicycle Share.  He works on active transportation projects throughout California including bicycle, pedestrian, trail, and Safe Routes to School plans and programs.  Brett is a League Cycling Instructor, a National Safe Routes to School Instructor, and currently serves as Vice President of the Board of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.

Ryan Snyder is the President of Ryan Snyder Associates, where he has been managing the creation of bicycle, pedestrian, and safe routes to school plans for over 20 years. He has worked with 23 of the 89 municipalities in Los Angeles County, these serving a total of over 70% of the County’s population.

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