California by Bike Summit 2013: November 7-10, Oakland




Mainstreaming the Bike in California –
Nov 7-10, 2013 Oakland

The first Cal-Bike Summit was here in Los Angeles in 2011. Join us at the 2nd (bi-annual) summit for a gathering of the leading thinkers, movers and shakers in bike advocacy, the bike industry, and bike-friendly change agents in transit, urban planning, health, design, technology, tourism and more as we share, envision, connect, collaborate and celebrate!

California by Bike’s confirmed presenters so far are Brian P. Kelley, Secretary of the California Transportation Agency, John Burke President of Trek Bikes, Konda Mason Co-Founder/CEO of the Oakland Hub, Carolyn Szczepanski Director of Communications for the League of American Bicyclists/Leader of the Women Bike project, Renee Rivera Executive Director of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition, Jenna Burton Founder of Red, Bike and Green, and Brian Drayton Founder and Executive Director of Spokes National.
Event Location: First Unitarian Church of Oakland 685 14th St., Oakland CA 94612
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The League of American Bicyclist ranks California #19, we boast the most Bike Friendly communities, business and universities in the nation! Santa Monica has Silver designation! Come join the power and momentum as we help lead our state to a more sustainable, safer, more bikeable and people friendly future!

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