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Tell the Governor to support health in transportation plans!

Does your community do enough to make sure investments in roads and transit promote better health? Does your community provide access for people of all incomes and ages?  If your community is like most places, the answer is No.

Our transportation infrastructure impacts our health in a number of ways – from the air we breathe to our level of exercise and physical safety.  Many communities in California have come up with innovative – and often cost-effective – solutions to these vexing problems.  But the size and diversity of our State makes sharing this information difficult.  And currently, the state guidelines for regional transportation investments say little about equity and almost nothing about health.
That’s why the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network and TransForm are co-sponsoring Assembly bill 441, authored by Assemblyman Monning.  AB 441 would require the California Transportation Commission to create a summary of these best practices – great projects like Safe Routes to Schools or Transit, or successful programs like vanpools for agricultural workers – into their guidance for transportation agencies.

The bill has reached the Governor’s desk, and now it can use your help!  To take just one minute to send a message to the Governor in support of Assembly Bill 441, and to support healthier communities, please click here.

Once you have taken action, please forward this to your friends. To learn more about how some regions are already successfully incorporating health and equity in TransForm’s Creating Health Regional Transportation Plans report.
Thank you for helping to make California a healthy place for all people.
Stuart Cohen

Stuart Cohen, Executive Director
436 14th Street, Suite 600, Oakland, CA 94612

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