CicLAvia Afterglow!

We had a GREAT Feeder Ride from Santa Monica and look forward to the next one! Thank you all for riding with us and making the day such a wonderful event. The next one will be even BETTER! We are out of town until after Easter so our pictures and videos may take a bit to get posted – we will try to get a few photos up before we leave (or from the road, bike touring in Portland!) and more when we get back.

Here are some photos sent to us by from one of our Feeder Riders, Stanley D. Wolfersberger THANKS !
He says he has more photos of individual riders he’d be glad to share – if you are interested email us and we’ll put you in touch.

Here’s an LAT Article from one previously “skeptical” reporter who’s perspective of biking in LA has shifted since CicLAvia!  I gotta say it brought tears to my eyes.

This from CicLAvia-

Thanks to all our great volunteers, sponsors, supporters and partners, CicLAvia 4.10.2011 was a huge success!

With perfect weather, and more than 130,000 participants, Sunday’s CicLAvia was huge. It was great fun for young and old alike – families, all races, all abilities, walking, skating, and… of course… bicycling! Angelenos explored our neighborhoods, connecting with each other, with our wonderful city.

CicLAvia plans two more events this year: July 10th and October 9th! If you enjoyed CicLAvia yesterday, and you want CicLAvia to continue and to grow, please make a donation today. Your contributions keep CicLAvia free and frequent. We can’t do it without you.

Click here to donate to CicLAvia.


Photo by Alex Thompson

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