Bike Event REI Santa Monica,
Take A Seat

From Jennifer Day at REI Santa Monica

We wanted to invite the cycling community to join us for Take A Seat

When:     Thursday, March 31st
Where:    7-8:30pm at REI Santa Monica, 402 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica
Free: Register for the event at REI Santa Monica

In 2006 Dominic created TAKE A SEAT which uses a tandem bicycle as a means of cultural immersion and story telling. In his projects Dominic rides his bicycle over long distances spontaneously inviting those he meets along the way to hop on his empty rear seat and share his journey. Over 2 years he traveled the full length of both Americas picking up over 270 passengers. Dominic’s book and award winning documentary TAKE A SEAT chronicle his adventure covering 18,449 miles, passed through fifteen countries. In 2010 Dominic documented his second adventure: TAKE A SEAT: SHARING A RIDE ACROSS AMERICA. The original series on Universal Sports shares the story of ten companion adventurers of varying disabilities as they assume a spot on a specially designed tandem bicycle for special needs cyclists. Together they journeyed a 4300 mile route across the United States. Come hear Dominic speak about both of his incredible adventures and watch an exclusive sneak peek of the original series that premieres April 4,th 2011 at 9 pm on Universal Sports.

Please spread the word! Hope to see you there!


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Bike Event REI Santa Monica,
Take A Seat

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