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The Future of Mobility in Santa Monica | A TechFire Panel Discussion

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Join us for a discussion on the future of mobility in Santa Monica, and on the vitally important role that sustainable and equitable transportation options play for tackling the climate crisis, addressing equity issues, and improving mobility and quality of life for all. 

Santa Monica already leads the region in so many ways on mobility issues — but as Santa Monica’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan notes there is still much more progress to be made. Join us for what promises to be an enlightening, wide-ranging, and fun discussion as we think big and look to the future of what’s possible.


  • Rick Cole, City Manager, City of Santa Monica
  • Cynthia Rose, Director, Santa Monica Spoke
  • Douglas Curl, Regional General Manager – West, Spin (Ford Smart Mobility)
  • and more TBA

Just a few of the themes to be addressed:

  • expanding protected bike lanes: Santa Monica already has some protected bike lanes in limited locations, but their spread pales in comparison to green bike lanes, which are great but offer far less protection
  • positioning Santa Monica to take advantage of a Green New Deal: strategies for getting the extension of the Metro Purple Line (“D Line”) to Downtown Santa Monica in the pipeline to take advantage of a possible federal Green New Deal down the line in the future
  • what’s next for scooters and micromobility more broadly in Santa Monica: lessons from the Shared Mobility Pilot Program as the City prepares for the next permit program in 2020
  • autonomous vehicles: how will the change Santa Monica, and how do they help or hurt environmental and equity issues?
  • the Big Blue Bus battery-electric bus pilot
  • lessons from other cities around the world
  • mobility as a human right: ways to further address equity issues relating to mobility (from micromobility to transit to EV carsharing, and beyond)
  • an update on next steps on implementing the transportation components of Santa Monica’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan, and the latest on the work of the Task Force on the Environment and Subcommittee on the Electric Vehicles (including the  Electric Vehicle Action Plan)
  • and more!

2:30 pm: doors open, 3–4:30 pm: panel discussion

Venue: Santa Monica Public Library (Main Library) Multipurpose Room (2nd Floor)

Governor Vetoes Complete Streets Bill – What Next?

As you may have heard, on October 12th, Governor Newsom issued a veto of the Complete Streets for Active Living Bill, SB 127.  

To say this was a disappointment is an understatement. Thousands of emails, hundreds of phone calls, overwhelming support from the State Legislature, and the support of more than 80 organizations—all this was insufficient to warrant the Governor’s approval.  

More than disappointment, the response was confusing. Governor Newsom has recently doubled down on the need to address the climate crisis, and issued an Executive Order that acknowledges that 40% of our carbon emissions in California come from the transportation sector, and that to meet our state climate goals we must change our transportation funding priorities. Specifically, he declares that the state should fund transportation options that reduce emissions and improve access to biking, walking, and transit. He must know that signing the Complete Streets for Active Living Bill not only would have been in direct alignment with this sentiment, but more importantly that it was the right thing to do. 

We certainly know that. We also know that every day of inaction is a day that people risk losing their lives and their loved ones to traffic violence. The Complete Streets bill would have made it clear to Caltrans, and would have bound them by law, to take people biking and walking into consideration when repairing or re-paving our streets. It would have made it possible for people to move safely through their communities, no matter how they choose to travel.

While the bill was not signed into law, we are not declaring defeat. In his veto message, Governor Newsom stated that he trusts that Caltrans, which is under new leadership starting this week, will deliver alternatives to driving. We’ll believe it when we see it. Now it’s incumbent on us to be a vigilant watchdog, and to push Caltrans to implement Complete Streets on its many surface streets—something that it has been unwilling to do in the past. 

To be clear, it was a very tough fight to pass the Complete Streets Bill, and reaching the Governor’s desk with a strong proposal was a feat of its own. We couldn’t have done it without the amazing coalition of support over the past three years. Thank you for join us to send emails and make phone calls, for attending in-district meetings, for sharing your stories and making a personal investment in this work and for donating to support the campaign. These collective efforts pushed this bill all the way through the legislature, and let lawmakers know how much Californians care about building safe streets.

Last week, we held our biennial California Bicycle Summit in Los Angeles. More than 300 participants convened for three days of plenaries, panel discussions, workshops, bike rides, and social events. Coming on the heels of this veto, it was incredibly healing and inspiring to come together with a group of committed advocates, planners, and elected officials—people who understand the need for Complete Streets. The summit was full of energy and ideas for how to transform our streets, and left us all with hope that together, despite this recent defeat, we can change California for the better, making our streets safe, our transportation system sustainable, and our communities healthy.

We cannot back down from demanding more for our communities, we will continue to fight for safer streets for all. We know you’ll stand with us as CalBike and the statewide coalition of partners hold the Governor’s feet to the fire to ensure that this administration takes investments in biking and walking seriously. 

Linda Khamoushian
Senior Policy Advocate
, California Bicycle Coalition

Cynthia Rose
Board Chair, California Bicycle Coalition

Buy Local Festival this Saturday! Come see us!

This Saturday September 7th: Buy Local Health and Fitness Festival.
NEXT WEEKEND: September 14th, Kidical Mass(ive) and September 15th, COAST: Santa Monica’s Open Street Event!
We need volunteers! Click events for links!

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Santa Monica Spoke be there with family fun art activities! Stop in and say hi, decorate your helmet or a special Buy Local / Bike Local backpack! Get decorated for COAST!

This free community event, co-produced with the city of Santa Monica, will feature music, pop up shops, and interactive classes, and lots of opportunities to get to know your City. Local businesses will provide  expertise,  advice,  health screenings,  and  free product samples to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle for the entire Santa Monica Community. Businesses from every neighborhood will be there.  Don’t miss the chance to be part of this amazing feel-good festival and help support your local businesses, schools, and public services!

This year the Santa Monica Chamber is partnering again with the Santa Monica Classic/LA Marathon and the Santa Monica Education Foundation!

More event info here:

Action Alert: Join us supporting Safer Streets in #CulverCity

Bike Culver City, Local Chapter #LACBC

Join us and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition in supporting Bike Culver City’s call to action for the city to complete an Active Transportation network providing complete connectivity – including schools, playgrounds, pools, libraries, parks, and transit hubs – helping to improve our region for all people walking and biking by 2020.

Support our neighbors by signing the petition calling for Culver City to complete its long-promised bike/pedestrian network and make their streets safe for active transport. Spread the word

Click here to add your name

Petition closes April 7th

VOTE: Election Day is November 6th

We are less than one week away from Election Day 2018 –
Vote November 6th

We ask you to join us to VOTE NO on Prop 6!


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Just as we are making progress in our campaign to ensure the state always takes bike and pedestrian safety into account in transportation funding, Proposition 6 threatens to tear it all apart. If it passes, Prop 6 will cancel $5.2 billion in funding for desperately needed transportation projects repairing roads across California—thousands of them already underway. Thanks to this funding, the 2018 state transportation budget put a greater proportion of funding into transit, walking, and biking than any previous state transportation budget.

More than 6,500 projects would come to a halt if Prop 6 passes. Many of these projects are in disadvantaged communities that simply will not see other funding if this funding is canceled. Our crumbling roads will become even more decrepit, not only making it more dangerous to ride a bike but driving up maintenance costs for motorists.

Prop 6 is literally deadly. It threatens thousands of jobs, your public transit system, your safety when you walk and bike, our environment, and our progress toward transportation equity. Please join us, the California Bicycle Coalition and the many local bicycle advocacy organizations that have taken a position, along with hundreds of other organizations across the state in saying no to Prop 6.

It’s going to take every one of us to defeat the regressive forces that want to gut this vital investment in our state’s transportation infrastructure.

Protect the investments in safer streets we’ve all voted for; join us in standing up for safe streets.

• • • •   Vote No on Prop 6   • • • •



The League of American Bicyclist reminds us the most important thing is to – make a plan. The best indicator that someone will vote is that they planned to vote.

Where is your polling place?

When will you vote and how will you get there?

Are you bringing anyone with you?

Do you need help?

Do you need to bring an ID?

Can you still vote early?

  • Find out when and where you can vote early

  • If you are voting by mail make sure your ballot needs is postmarked on or before November 6th. A ballot that is mailed must be received but the elections office no later than 3 days after the Election Day – November 6th.

What is on your ballot?

If you have trouble voting:

  • If you need immediate help, consider calling the Election Protection Coalition.

1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)
1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en Español)
1-888-API-VOTE (Asian multilingual assistance)
1-844-YALLA-US (Arabic)