Call to Action: Support Recommended Restoration of City Services

On May 26th Santa Monica, City Council will discuss proposed City Restructuring and Council Authorization to Restore Priority Programs. Join us in support of restoring programs and services. Learn more about vital services the Transportation and Mobility Division continues to provide on a daily basis, including now during this time of crisis? Learn here

Draft Email template is below. 
Include a personal note, short is ok, to let them know how these cuts will affect the safety of you and your family. Thank you!

Address your email to all City Council members and Planning Commissioners listed below:

In solidarity,

DRAFT EMAIL TEMPLATE â€“ Please personalize as you wish.


Subject: Item 8-A, May 26th – Support Restoration of Essential Programs, Safe Streets & Economic Recovery

Dear Santa Monica City Council and Leadership: 

We are grateful that on May 5th Council directed staff to consider food security for our most vulnerable community members through restoring funding to Meals on Wheels and the Westside Food Bank, keeping people in their homes through increased support for the Preserving Our Diversity senior housing subsidy program and restoring funding to the Legal Aid Foundation, funding for youth-related programs, such as after-school programs and mental health support services, resources for outdoor health, such as playgrounds and fields, including the Playground Partnership program with the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District  (SMMUSD), mobility programs with an emphasis on providing safe, sustainable, affordable and accessible transportation choices, Sustainability with an emphasis on community resilience as priorities for continuing services, funds permitting: 

I support restoration of these essential safety and life supporting functions that are a critical first step in rebuilding our community and our economy.

How we manage our streets – or ignore them – will move us either toward environmental justice, economic recovery and climate resiliency or away from those vital community and city goals. 

While the City suffers catastrophic shortfalls, we urge the Council to continue to be strategic and lean on staff expertise for thoughtful “restructuring” – including furloughs – that reduces costs and bureaucracy while retaining essential capacity that builds confidently on the foundation and programs that are the make up the fabric and life of our community.