I Live in Pico Neighborhood and Support MANGo!

Dear City Council Member, City Manager, Planning Commissioner or other decision-maker:

I am a resident of the Pico Neighborhood and I support the city’s process for planning the Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway (MANGo). I want a calmer Michigan Avenue where it is safe and pleasant to walk, bike and spend time outside with my neighbors.

Recently, some members of the Pico Neighborhood Association (PNA) issued a letter withdrawing their support for the MANGo project because the plan still includes the full range of traffic calming devices, such as diverters, that might be needed to reach the project’s safety and mobility goals. In contrast to the PNA position, I support the project and think that the full range of options should remain available.

Michigan Avenue has been adversely impacted for years by high levels of cut-through traffic rushing to and from to the freeway and the high school, adding to the burden we endure from the Santa Monica Freeway right next to our homes and play areas.

Clearly, the MANGo project needs a range of tools to address the traffic safety issues our community faces. Of course we should begin with the easy steps and see if they will be effective. But it is premature to rule out other measures that we may need, such as diverters, as some PNA members want to do.

Please assure that our community has the full spectrum of traffic calming measures for use in the MANGo project, as have been used in other parts of Santa Monica.

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