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The race is on…. Carmageddon has spawned a new battle!

You’ve all heard of the battles that we face with cars… Well here is something new.  With all the hoopla surrounding “Carmageddon” JetBlue announced $4 fares between Burbank and Long Beach!  (SOLD OUT)

Well it didn’t take long for the cycling community to put in their 2 cents.  Wolfpack Hustle is challenging JetBlue to a race, door to door –  Burbank to Long Beach, who will win?  Get info and follow their updates on twitter
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Seems JetBlue has taken on the challenge and has offered @OhaiJoe a seat on a flight from Burbank to Long Beach on Saturday.

The Jet Blue* flight departs from Burbank Airport Saturday July 16 at 12:20 PM. 

From Bike Commuters blog (@ohaijoe)

I’ll be onboard Tweeting, Instaggram-ing, and taking video of the flight, and we’ll have a crew on the ground covering the race from door-to-door.
All riders will depart from the same location, the Burbank Airport, at the same time, and be required to follow all traffic laws.
Who will win?
More details to come as they develop. I hope you’ll be following along!
***If you’d like to help out by Sponsoring the race, and ideally offering a prize for the riders if they win, please get in touch with either me or Roadblock of Wolfpack Hustle asap!




Santa Monica Bike Award Withdrawn

Withdrawn? Canceled? Before it was even awarded?
In a secret memo it was revealed today that one of the main reasons for granting the award to Santa Monica was the nice weather here. It has also been leaked that the city has plans to permanently valet park all bicycles and withdraw them from circulation. They will be permanently parked on the airport tarmac, solving some of the more serious problems of bicycle circulation.
Let’s not get carried away: An award is not the truth about a state of affairs: Every award is the result of a political process, we all know that. The beauty of it is, that it is also the beginning of a political process. These are not laurels to rest on, these are branches good for whipping. One Two Three.
The political process can be conducted in different ways. Let’s see how you want to do it.