Conversation with Dutch Students: Urban Cycling Institute, Rotterdam

SAVE THE DATE: 2500 Broadway.
May 2 @ 5:30 pm7:00 pm
Social to follow at The Daily Grill in the Colorado Center. 

Many are aware of Dutch bicycling infrastructure and how well it supports everyday bicycling,  for people of all ages. Join us as we kick off Bike Month with an evening conversation with this years group of students from the Cycling Institute in Rotterdam. The conversation will include a comparison of traffic law in the Netherlands, and how it’s different from our legal system in the U.S. How not only infrastructure, but Dutch laws support bicycling.

The topics for this evenings conversations will be:

  • Dutch traffic Laws: liability of motorized vehicles vs slow modes of traffic and how these Laws came about. A comparison with Calif.
  • Cycling and retail: students analyze several interesting international studies and have reached out to local business on Main Street Santa Monica to interview retailers.
  • Bike share in NL: a history and current situation
  • Transportation poverty in low-income neighborhood in Rotterdam: why the people there are rejecting cycling. Based on survey and interviews the students recently have undertaken

Every year a new group of students visit the Los Angeles from the Cycling Institute in Rotterdam.

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