Bike it Walk it Bus it Results!

City of Santa Monica Safe Routs to School Thanks everyone and your volunteers for making this Fall’s Bike It! Walk It! Bus It! events grand successes — and a great time for the students!

Participation rates break down as follows:  


1st       McKinley: 84%
 2nd       Franklin: 72%
 3rd       Grant: 69%
 4th       Edison: 65%
5th       Rogers: 60%
6th       Muir: 53%
7th       Roosevelt: 51%
8th       SMASH: 50%
9th       Lincoln: 34%
10th   JAMS: 21%

Congratulations to McKinley Elementary… now the 6-time reigning champ!
Way to go Stephan! (parent BIWIBI volunteer for McKinley)

Furthermore, great job Franklin for coming in 2nd as well as Grant Elementary for 3rd. Stay tuned for National Bike to School day in May 2018!

Please share if you have any feedback, stories, photos, etc. to share. Next Bike It Walk It Bus it is in May.

In the mean time – encourage your school’s administration and PTA to establish a car-free day (i.e. “Walking Wednesdays” “Car-Free Fridays”) once a week or organize a walking school bus or bike train… if you’d like assistance in coordination, please contact us at Santa Monica Spoke or Cory Keen, Safe Routes to School Coordinator

Cory Keen, Safe Routes to School Coordinator
Transportation Management Specialist
City of Santa Monica, Mobility Division
1685 Main Street, Room 115 Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 458-2201; ext. 2120 |

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