Ask Sec. Foxx to consider bicyclists when evaluating our roads

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The Federal Highway Administration once again ignored bicyclists when determining performance measures for our transportation system.  Please ask Secretary Foxx to consider bicyclists when doing performance evaluations of our streets and roads.

  • Even though Congress just instituted a complete streets policy for the National Highway System (Main streets, state highways, and other major roads), FHWA wants to measure performance of our transportation system using a measure for drivers only.
  • It measures congestion by measuring delay for drivers, but gives no credit to states or metropolitan areas that invest in biking, walking or transit facilities that reduce congestion.

If these draft rules are implemented, they will hinder the ability of local governments to implement complete streets, build protected bike lanes, etc.

Read more about the rule and how it will effect  biking.

Please ask Secretary Foxx to consider bicyclists when judging performance of our streets and roads

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