Vancouver Modacity: Observations of an Emerging Bike Culture

Santa Monica Next and Santa Monica Spoke host Modacity.

Vancouver bike culture is changing. Fast. And nowhere is that more evident than in the types of people you see riding bikes. The construction of six protected bike lanes over six years has led to a distinct rise in women, children, seniors, businesses, pets, and cargo on the bikeways, many of whom wouldn’t identify themselves as “cyclists,” nor would they have considered getting on a bike just six years ago.

Modacity‘s Melissa and Chris Bruntlett will tell that inspiring story via words, images and films, including what it means for car-lite, multi-modal families such as their own. They will also share ideas and lessons Angelenos can take home, and help build a bike culture worth bragging to the world about.

Their presentation will include a selection of the Vancouver Cycle Chic films – produced by Chris – which intimately profile a number of Vancouverites who cycle for transportation; demonstrating that riding a bike is a way to be “a part of the city, not apart from the city.”

Sunday, October 11th
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Vancouver Modacity

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