Wounded Heroes Alive Day Fundraiser: Sunday, November 9

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On Sunday, November 9th, our affiliates Beach Cities Cycling Club & South Bay Bicycle Coalition join Wounded Heroes of America to hold a fundraising bike ride and barbecue, hosted by Catalina Coffee Company.  The group will ride with veterans (10-60 mile bike ride), and upon your return, enjoy lunch, refreshments and entertainment with your fellow cyclists, veterans and their families.


When:   Sunday, November 9 Time:    8AM to 3PM Where: Catalina Coffee Company, 126 N. Catalina Ave. Redondo Beach, CA The Ride: BCClub will host a recreational/social ride, starting from the Catalina Coffee Café. Participants will be asked to pledge $1.00 or more per mile and will receive a free BBQ lunch and inaugural ride t-shirt for their donation. The 8-10 different routes range from 8-60 miles. Maps provided. Rides begin 8AM through 10AM. The BBQ: Catalina Coffee Café will provide a free BB&Q, games for kids, live music, drinks and space for a bike corral after the bike ride. Hours 11AM to 3PM. Sign Up: On-site at Catalina Coffee with The Wounded Hereos of America from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM. Wounded Heroes A Life Day BIKE Ride – “A Life Day” represents the day the veteran was wounded and he or she might have lost their life.

Dear Fellow Bicyclists:

The simple joy of a bicycle ride. Wind through the hair, the fresh air and sunshine that we all share. Now, you can share this simple pleasure with those who are challenged in everyday life because of the wounds suffered in service to our country. Let’s join hands, wear your club colors and ride with and for a local group of wounded veterans in the name of friendship!

This event is a fundraiser for Wounded Heroes to help in their efforts to provide assistance to veterans who sustained injuries while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Participants are asked to pledge $1 (or more) per mile.

If you can’t make the ride, you can sponsor a rider or a group/team or donate by going to: http://woundedheroesofamerica.org/AliveDay/

Sincerely, Jim Hannon, President, Beach Cities Cycling Club, Inc.

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