Bike Week LA: Saturday & Sunday May 10 & 11

Saturday May 10th Get ready & fix your bike
Sunday May 11th is Mother’s Day –

What better plans for Mother’s Day?  …. Go on a bike ride with the whole family. Getting out on your bicycling is the perfect family-friendly activity for a leisurely Sunday. Check for Bike Month and Mother’s Day specials at local bike shops!

But first, get ready with fix your bike day. Local shops will host safety checks to help get your bike in good running order. Many shops are offering specials Saturday and some all month. Here is a list of the ones we know of locally.

Cynergy Cycles Santa Monica Blvd at Cloverfield
Fix your bike workshop 10-11am
Start from the beginning and cover all the basics, including: Fixing a Flat Tire What is the right pressure How to clean your chain properly The Anatomy of your bike And other things to look out for.

Helen’s Cycles, 26th and Broadway
Bicycle safety checks
Mother’ Day Sale, 10% Women’s Bikes – Trek & Electra, 20% off Women’s Apparel, 20% off Burley Bee Child Carrier & Baby Seats, Blackburn and Topeak

Performance Bicycles,  5th & Broadway
FREE 25 Point Safety Inspection, 5/5 – 5/12, plus special deals and discounts for bike month
Including drive train, brake and wheel adjustments
Assessment of tires cables and more
Proper lubrication of key components

Team Bike Attack, Main Street
$10 off on Tune ups this Saturday
10% off on bicycles and accessories during Bike Month!

Join the National Bike Challenge: Ride for team BIKE SANTA MONICA

Bike Month & Bike Local SM Week Specials

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