SRTS at Samohi and MANGo Passed!

SRTS Samohi
Staff recommendations for Safe Routes to School Conceptual Designs passed by unanimous vote this evening by City Council. These improvements will improve all modes of circulation around Samohi and create a safer environment, encourage and prioritize healthy active transportation and help build on the leadership and momentum of the Solar Alliance Students and Bike it! Walk it!

MANGo, Santa Monica’s first Neighborhood Greenway passed unanimously this evening!
Council set reduced long term goals to 1500 ADT (average daily trips) YEY!
Unfortunately, although traffic diverters remain in the ‘TOOL BOX’ – we will need to return to council for “implementation approval” if diverters are needed to reach ADT goals – adding another layer of “vehicle priority” circulation bureaucracy to healthy, safer streets that should prioritize people and SRTS for future generations of children getting to Samohi.

Media coverage:

- Council Approves Two Projects That Prioritize Pedestrian and Bike Safety
- Santa Monica Spoke: For MANGo to Work, City Needs Proper Traffic Reduction Goals
- Op/Ed: On MANGo, Staff and the Council Need to Believe Their Own Eyes

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