BIG BLUE BUS & Expo Line Phase 2 Service Planning: SURVEY


Big Blue Bus prepares to welcome Expo Line, Phase 2. They would like to get your feedback regarding how we should adapt bus services to the rail line. Please take a few minutes to share your opinions with them. We estimate that this survey should take approximately five minutes.



The service area of Big Blue Bus (BBB) is changing in ways that promise to have significant impact on public transportation. Further expansion of the Exposition Light Rail Line in 2016 will increase the number of stations served from four to eleven, and bring rail from the fringes of the BBB service area into its center. Of these seven new rail stations, three are within the City of Santa Monica city limits, including the western terminus for the line. Projected weekday ridership for the Exposition Line is 64,000 boardings per weekday as of 2030. The primary change is the evolution of rail in BBB’s service area.

This is a significant change of conditions for a system that has served rail only at the periphery of our service area until now. Additionally, changes in demographics, zoning, and land use are forming pockets of increasing density in designated commercial and mixed use areas in order to conserve Santa Monica’s existing diverse residential areas. More resources are being dedicated to walking, biking, ridesharing, and transit to optimize the efficiency of the transportation system, and this change is remaking the fabric of the service area. These changes are introducing new transit propensities and altering the transit landscape.

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