Give input – Ride the BAP with us this Sunday


Date:   This Sunday!
Time:  9:30am – 12:30?
Place:  Santa Monica Bike Center
– 4th and Broadway

In a committed effort to get input from the community – Lucy Dyke, City Staff and Santa Monica Spoke invite the bike community to take a ride on the streets that are first up for BAP (Bike Action Plan) implementation and re-striping.

We will take a ride on these streets to get feedback, input and discuss how to implement the tools available to best improve the bike infrastructure, safety and circulation in these areas.

This is the first in a series of rides we will host to get input from the community on different areas of the city as Santa Monica makes bike improvements and begins to implement the projects in the BAP.

Follow-up and more information on the streets ridden will be posted here at for those who may not be able to attend. You will have the option to ride the streets on your own and forward your input via email. (not as fun or interactive)

We hope to see you SUNDAY!


Light refreshments will be served –
please RSVP to:

Please bring your own H20 and snacks for the ride.


The attached file includes highlights on Bike Action Plan streets that will be restriped by the current paving contract.  People who show up can choose which streets to ride.  We can use the Bike Action Plan and, we hope some standard plans which may be available by then, to get an idea of what is likely to go in on those streets and provide comments to the design and inspection team.

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