Great Meeting last night!

More complete post on last nights meeting soon
this from Spokes  Barbara Filet

SMPD Sgt. Thomas McLaughlin, our new Police Bike Liaison, and Lucy Dyke, Deputy Director, were our honored guests last night at the Spoke public meeting. Both were appointed by their bosses to focus on bicyclists. The meeting was well attended and we were favorably impressed with Thomas, our new police ambassador and Lucy was also enthusiastic and engaged, telling us about her work planning for bikes. Thomas is doing a lot of research to find best practices for police relations with bicyclists, such as the ticket diversion program in Huntington Beach, where bicyclists and pedestrians can take classes instead of paying huge fines.


Thank you Lucy and Thomas.

Contact info for Stg. Thomas McLaughlin, Thomas.McLaughlin@SMGOV.NET


1 thought on “Great Meeting last night!

  1. Mary Ann Vorasky

    Hi-really appreciated the meeting 6/20/11 and glad to know Santa Monica PD is working to protect cyclists. I’m wondering how we can get more educational information to motorists in SM so they can be more alert to look for cyclists on the road. Also wanted to mention that what I think LA is doing right is having it be legal for cyclists to ride on sidewalks *safely* because, until drivers are better educated, some roads are still too unsafe, e.g. Lincoln.


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