Empowering Local Advocates: LACBC Workshop Series, Fundraising

Workshop #4 Fundraising is scheduled for Thursday, August 21st as part of LACBC’s Empowering Local Advocates Series. These workshops are designed to empower YOU –  to give us all the tools we need to be stronger advocates and to help fund our mission locally and regionally for LACBC and the Local Chapters! Please joining us on the next segment of Empowering Local Advocates workshop series. Santa Monica Spoke / LACBC is a non-profit organization that relies on raising money to help fund the advocacy we do. We will learn ways to organize local fundraisers and build the support we need to grow. The strongest partnerships can be made by people like you that already have connections. We will learn how to build off of that and fundraise for the cause!

Join us for the fourth workshop of the series –
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DATE:      August 21st 
TIME:      6:30 – 8:00pm
WHERE:  LACBC HQ, 634 Spring Street, Edison Room 

Mingle with bike ambassadors from throughout the city, local chapters, and other passionate volunteers. Hope to see you there!

We have grown as an organization to more than 11 Local Chapters throughout the County of Los Angeles with more in the pipeline and 5 Bike Ambassador programs in City of LA. With so much going on, LACBC HQ wants to help empower YOU to help advocate in our local communities.

Help us extend our reach in a county of 10 million people. Learn how to engage interested stakeholders. HELP US SPREAD THE LOVE OF BIKING AND BIKE CULTURE IN OUR CITY and help us as an organization extend our reach, and grow our membership!

Outreach – March 20th Powerpoint Presentation
Membership – April 29th Powerpoint Presentation – Notes
Winning Campaigns Training – May 31st Stair speech exercise
Ride Marshal Training, July 12th 

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