Taking bike lanes back to the curb?

Some who have traveled to Europe may have seen this in action, but for those who have not and as an added visual for our toolbox I pass along these videos.
Very interesting and versatile treatment – Intersections may look cramped but seem to work well. Articulated bus shown in 2nd video doesn’t seem to have trouble negotiating the turn without jumping the curb. Possible design solutions for several difficult junctions in Santa Monica including the Esplanade Design Project downtown.

The Dutch build cycle paths right on their junctions. So they must have wider streets, right? Wrong! This video shows how it is done, no extra space needed.

Junction design the Dutch – cycle friendly way
Video by markenlei

In part 2 the Dutch demonstrate how they have been designing junctions with cycle paths for decades. There is nothing experimental about these junctions. They say they have proven to be safer for cyclists than junctions without such provisions.

Dutch junction design – safer for cyclists
Video by markenlei

The article with more images and information can be found here.
I look forward to discussion on this topic

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