Assembly approves 3-foot passing bill: but we are not there yet!

Assembly approves 3-foot passing bill

On Monday, Aug. 27 the California Assembly approved the three-foot passing bill by a 54-24 vote after a raucous debate that took nearly 30 minutes.

Next steps for Senate Bill 1464 include a vote — largely procedural — in the Senate to formally concur with the technical amendments made to the bill by the Assembly. Then SB 1464 goes to the Governor for his signature, probably right after Labor Day.

In the previous 10 days we joined thousands of bike-friendly Californians who urged their Assemblymembers to approve SB 1464. Many thanks to our allies at Transform for helping generate such a big response.

We remember last year when we thought we were close to Victory with SB 910, but the bill was vetoed by Gov. Brown! This current bill continues to enjoy strong support from bike advocacy organizations, bicycling clubs, bike manufacturers and retailers, and environmental and safety advocates, as well as thousands of bike-friendly individuals, with none of the organized opposition that fought SB 910, last year’s three-foot passing bill. Based on Gov. Brown’s comments following his veto of SB 910, we’re optimistic that he plans to sign this one.

But the job isn’t finished until then, so we’ll continue publicizing the bill and soliciting support from individuals, organizations and businesses. To do this, we’re grateful for support from California bicycling legend Gary Fisher for the fundraising campaign to help carry California Bike Coalition through this final push and beyond. If you value their work to make California more bike-friendly, please consider donating.

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