Bike FROM Work Event, Thursday May 17th!

Handle Bar Happy Hour at West 4th and Jane 

This year we are so pleased to host our second annual Bike FROM Work Event at West 4th and Jane! With support from the Santa Monica Bike Center. As we celebrate everything and all things bike this month, we would love to mingle with our friends after work this Thursday. There are city bike racks out front on 4th Street, but the SM Bike Center will valet your bikes, and waive the after 2 hour fee – so bike valet is FREE as long as you stay (location 2nd & Colorado). Our friends at West 4th and Jane will give us special Handle Bar Happy Hour pricing, and Spoke will kick in a few snacks! They have GREAT food – so you may want to plan on dinner as well.

We invite you to join us for our Bike FROM Work Event at
Location :    West 4th and Jane
Address:      1432A 4th Street (between Broadway & Santa Monica Blvd)
Time:           5pm till ……when ever
Date:           May 17th – BTWD!

As always, please enjoy the event and ride responsibly

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