1st CicLAvia 2012 is on April 15th, come with us!

Whether you ride down with us or get there on your own – don’t miss it!
CicLAvia celebrates the streets of Los Angeles for everyone!  Temporarily limiting the access of motor vehicles and opening the streets to all users – walking, wheelchairs, skates, bikes, scooters, skate boards, strollers – you name it!
CicLAvia is coming on Sunday, April 15th, and we know you’re all excited for the fourth event that opens up 10 miles of Los Angles streets to people. We’re excited too (you can read more about the beginnings of CicLAvia)! Below we have a few resources up for you to prepare for the big event and more as they become available.

Ride to CicLAvia with us!!

We will once again do a feeder ride to CicLAvia this Sunday. We meet at the top of the Santa Monica Pier at 8:00am and roll out at 8:30am sharp. Ride is 13.6 miles, mostly flat on streets with bike lanes or low traffic volume at our time of travel. Facebook event here

Meet           8:00am
Roll out      8:30am (sharp)
Route         Here     (link repaired)
Join us anywhere on the route but be early as we will only stop to regroup. No riders left behind.

More info on bus routes to or from CicLAvia
Bus Info:
Big Blue Bus Rapid 10 (my favorite) takes the frwy and gets you downtown FAST!
Metro 733 travels from Santa Monica on Wilshire Blvd to downtown
Metro 720 travels from DT Santa Monica south, Venice Blvd to downtown Union Station

Stuff to bring:

  • helmut (for feeder ride)
  • sun screen
  • cash
  • spare tube/ patch kit
  • hydration
  • AND A BIG SMILE – Because you are going to have FUN!
CicLAvia 10/10/10

Check Your Bike
Before you hop on your bike and head for the CicLAvia route, we recommends you check your bike to make sure it’s in good working condition before the big day. With less than a week to go, now is the perfect time. Here’s a few things you can do. Read about it on the LACBC blog.

Find a Bike
Don’t have a bike? Don’t fret. You can walk, roller skate, scooter, segway, jump rope, pogo stick, or just dance during CicLAvia. But if you really want a bike, the first 100 people to sign up can rent a bike from Bike Nation USA for free.

Did you know that over 700 volunteers are needed to make each CicLAvia possible? Be one of them as we gear up for the next CicLAvia on April 15, 2012.

LACBC is assisting with the volunteer coordination this time around, and we’d love for you to join us both on the April 15th and for volunteer opporunties beforehand.
Check out the schedule at ciclavia.org/volunteer and email Martin Lopez-Iu at ciclaviavolunteer@gmail.com to volunteer!

Adopt an Intersection
Looking for a fun new way to volunteer with your friends for CicLAvia 4.15.12? Get a group together and adopt an intersection (like LA Walks is doing)! Dress up, make signs, let people know about your group: the possibilities are endless. This opportunity is great for organizations. Learn more on the CicLAvia website.

For more information about the event you can go to CicLAvia.org

11 thoughts on “1st CicLAvia 2012 is on April 15th, come with us!

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  2. Mark Elliot

    Looking at your feeder route, I’m reminded that all roads lead to (or through) Beverly Hills. On Sunday, Better Bike has a tent for our fairly lame Earth Day Farmers Market, so drop by and we’ll brief you on tomorrow’s (Wednesday) first-ever BH bike route public outreach meeting. (Read more on our site.)

    1. Cynthia Rose Post author

      You are very correct Mark! BH is an integral route for cyclist and we thank you for all your efforts with Better Bike BH. Please support Mark and check out his work and info at http://betterbike.org/
      He needs our support!

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  5. Brent

    As usual, I’m hoping to pick up the group at the corner of Wilshire and Little Santa Monica, across from the Starbucks. I’ll be waiting around 9 or 9:10 AM.

      1. Jean

        What type of bikes are you all riding? Cruisers, single speed, hybrid, road? I want to go but not sure which bike to ride.

        1. Cynthia Rose Post author

          There will be all kinds of bikes on the ride – just choose what ever is comfortable for a day of fun riding.
          Bryan and I are going to be on cargo bikes tomorrow as we will be ride angels upon arrival at CicLAvia.
          Providing bike roadside assistance and first aid. Carring tools, lots of spare tubes, patches, pump etc etc
          And I ….will be wearing fairy wings 🙂


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