CicLAvia is here again, this Sunday!! 10/09/11

Whether you ride down with us or get there on your own – don’t miss it!
CicLAvia celebrates the streets of Los Angeles for everyone!  Temporarily limiting the access of motor vehicles and opening the streets to all users – walking, wheelchairs, skates, bikes, scooters, skate boards, strollers – you name it!

Ride to CicLAvia with us!!

We will once again do a feeder ride to CicLAvia this Sunday. We meet at the top of the Santa Monica Pier at 8:00am and roll out at 8:30am sharp. Ride is 13.6 miles, mostly flat on streets with bike lanes or low traffic volume at our time of travel. Facebook event here
Russ & Laura from PathLessPedaled will be our special guest on the ride – come meet them and join us on the ride!

Meet           8:00am
Roll out      8:30am (sharp)
Route         Here
Join us anywhere on the route but be early as we will only stop to regroup. No riders left behind.

More info on bus routes to or from CicLAvia
Bus Info:
Big Blue Bus Rapid 10 (my favorite) takes the frwy and gets you downtown FAST!
Metro 733 travels from Santa Monica on Wilshire Blvd to downtown
Metro 720 travels from DT Santa Monica south, Venice Blvd to downtown Union Station

Stuff to bring:

  • helmut (for feeder ride)
  • sun screen
  • cash
  • spare tube/ patch kit
  • hydration

CicLAvia 10/10/10


Also in regards to volunteer recruitment CicLAvia is looking for volunteers to assist us with Pre-10.09.11 CicLAvia Outreach (which involved door-to-door canvassing to residents and business along the route to notify them of street closures for the event)  and the day of event CicLAvia 10.09.11.
They are looking for volunteers for CicLAvia 10.09.11 to assist with:
  • Assisting at Hub Station (MacArthur Park, City Hall, El Pueblo, Bicycle District, African American Firefighter Museum and Hollenbeck Park) with Setting up, T-Shirt and buttons sales, information booth and cleaning up
  • As Route Angel’s assisting bicyclist with basic bike repairs along the route (such as flat tires, loose chains, dry chains, seat adjustments, etc.)
  • At Crossing Points (where cars are still allowed to cross the route), assuring people are still following traffic direction.
  • At Hills to enforce dismounts to all cyclist for safe travel down the hill.
There are several shifts one can choose from to volunteer for and at their hub location of choice. They can fill out this form for CicLAvia 10.09.11 Volunteering   or you can forward this link  —>
For more information about the event you can go to

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