Quick Recap of Monday meeting

Great Meeting on Monday night!  
Thank you to Lucy Dyke, Michelle Glickert, Colleen Stoll and Francie Stefan from the City for presenting this plan for SMSpoke and the community.
The City is taking input and comments on the plan for about a month.
We have set up an email address for this through Spoke:
BikePlan@SMSpoke.org   – we will collect and coordinate getting all the comments we receive to Lucy and her staff.
You can also send letters and comments to: shapethefuture2025@smgov.net
Feelings are good on the Bike Plan, and input has been openly welcomed from city staff as well as compliments for our help thus far – The meeting went great!  Lucy Dyke did the presentation on the overall plan and it’s implementation, and staff (Michelle Glickert, Colleen Stoll and Francie Stefan) madly took notes during the time when Lucy took Q & A – for nearly 2 HOURS!!
Also in attendance Kevin McKeown SM City Council, Jason Perry Planning Commissioner, Jen Klausner Exec. Director LACBC as well as Mike Feinstein previous Santa Monica Mayor (2000-2002). In total I believe we had aprox. 50 people in attendance.
The plan is being presented to a variety of Boards and Commissions through the month of August including:
·       August 10th – Planning Commission (Study Session), 7:00pm at City Hall
·       August 18th – Parks & Recreation Commission, 7:30pm at City Hall
·       August 23rd – City Council, 6:30pm at City Hall
·       September 7th – Planning Commission, 7:00pm at City Hall
·       Date TBD – Task Force on the Environment


Articles on the meeting:

The OutLook News


4 thoughts on “Quick Recap of Monday meeting

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  3. Mark Elliot

    Why does Santa Monica get all the fun? We at Better Bike have been prodding the city for the past year for improvements, and after a talk with a planner there yesterday, I’m as discouraged as ever.
    Beverly Hills is a great contrast to SM because officials are reflexively afraid of communicating. Planning ideas are ginned up among staff only, then discussed in non-public, ad-hoc committee meetings, then if they see the light of day, sprung on the public for comment at the mic.
    It goes hand-in-hand with the city’s willful disregard of its basic responsibility to communicate with the public. A transparency FAIL as we said here: http://betterbike.org/2011/08/city-of-beverly-hills-transparency-fail/

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