Meeting, Monday Aug 8, Get a first look at the Bicycle Action Plan!

Santa Monica Deputy Director Lucy Dyke will join us as we get a first hand look at the proposed Bicycle Action Plan.

When:    Monday, August 8th
Time:      6:00 – 8:30pm
Where:   Colorado Community Room, 502 Colorado Blvd
corner of 5th and Colorado

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5 thoughts on “Meeting, Monday Aug 8, Get a first look at the Bicycle Action Plan!

  1. Randy Walburger

    There is only one thing I am concerned about and that is bike safety. What is the point of having dedicated bike lanes on Broadway and Arizona and keep it a secret from out of towners who come down busy four lane Wilshire, Santa Monica and Colorado. Why there aren’t signs posted on these busy unsafe streets telling people there is a bikelane one block away is beyond me. I have been carrying this torch for 5 years now and no one from the City seems to care a wink or even respond. The dangerous bycycling on these streets raises the hair on my neck!
    I am sure SPOKE has all kinds of parking vallet ideas but as far as I am concerned saving lives and grief from terrible accidents can be avoided if the City would only spend a few bucks for some signs. After all what are signs for? Is this not worthy of attention or is SPOKE and the City too interested in Cyclovia on Main St.?

    1. Cynthia Rose Post author

      Randy we would not say your concerns are not very valid. We have been indeed advocating from the onset to have good, abundant wayfinding for our city. Having a good bicycle network is lost if locals and visitors to our city can’t find it!
      I believe your concern stems from the desire not to have signs that “direct” cyclist to streets with bike lanes as opposed to letting them know where they are. We also feel it important that car drivers know that bikes are allowed and have the right to all roads – not just those with bike lanes. Your concern, that cyclists know where those facilities are is very important and must be an untrigral part of any good bike plan.

      I hope you will join us Monday as we get our first look at the BAP!

      Thank you for your comment.

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  3. Mihai Peteu

    Signage is indeed important. Just the other day I ran into a family of European tourists uncomfortably riding westbound with their three teenage kids in West LA, on Santa Monica Blvd during rush hour. Clearly they did not feel safe on the street, so they began riding on the sidewalk.

    I sparked up a conversation with the parents at the next stoplight. They were not aware that Arizona and Broadway had a bike lane once they entered Santa Monica’s city limits. I tried to explain to them “head north or south one block once you arrive at Centinela”. Hope they made it to the beach safely.

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