Community Forum, Bring Bike Sharing to Santa Monica

Bike Share, A System for Santa Monica?
Community Forum co-hosted by Global Green and the Santa Monica Transportation Department

When:     Wednesday, July 20th
Where:    Santa Monica Civic, 1855 Main Street
Time:       6:00pm – 8:00pm
RSVP:      Carolyn Gibson at


Santa Monica has long defined itself as an environmental leader, in terms of biking, some feel the city is falling behind.  Cities around the world are prioritizing bicycling as a solution to alleviate traffic and gridlock, reduce carbon emissions and foster a healthier population: we want Santa Monica to be doing the same. A bike share program is a highly visible, all-inclusive way to spread awareness and interest in bicycling and to help Santa Monica reach its bicycle goals.

Bike sharing is a system in which numbers of bicycles are made available for shared use.  (A system the city already has in use for its employees)  As a non-profit environmental organization headquartered in Santa Monica, Global Green USA has worked with the city on various environmental endeavors that fits into its organizational goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and foster sustainability in urban environments.  Following in that tradition, Global Green and the Santa Monica Transportation Department will co-host a community forum on July 20th to give the community a chance to learn about bike sharing, test out some of the latest models, and give input on how bike sharing could be right for Santa Monica.

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